Sweet colors and afternoon sweets

Hello, again! Today I want to share some detail snapshots of a painting commission I’m currently working on.

I used watercolor, gold ink and colored pencils. Normally, I tend to use every color I have available on my compositions. I lovingly call my usual color scheme “rainbow vomit”. Haha! I’m fighting that instinct to keep to the sweet, summery palette that I had in mind for this painting.

The earlier stages of color buildup. For me, it’s always a bit of an adventure using watercolors. It’s the most temperamental out of all the mediums I like to use. I feel like it behaves differently every time I paint with it.

It is a welcome challenge, though. It constantly provides me with opportunities to learn. I always find myself a little intimidated at first due to the relatively unforgiving nature of watercolors (as opposed to say, painting on canvas with acrylic) but it’s always a great feeling as I gradually ease myself into the process.

These kimono pattern details are a lot of work, but I’m enjoying every bit of it.

Looking at my kimono references for the painting got me wanting some Japanese sweets. Luckily, I had chanced upon a box of dango. Is it okay to think an item of food is cute, and feel the urge to pet it?

Sometimes I can’t help eating with my eyes as well.

After taking these out of the container, I had to admire the colors and texture first before eating them.

I also enjoy preserving these moments with my camera.

I have kind of an embarrassing number of photos of my food, but I’ll end with this one. I liked this shot for the simple reason that the background happened to have the same color scheme as the dango.

A peaceful afternoon with wonderful weather, a nice view of the sky, and some sweets — sometimes these little things do so much to keep me going.

What simple things do you get inspiration from?

15 Comments to “Sweet colors and afternoon sweets”

  1. Topacio Mai says:

    So cool as always. :))
    Man, if it ever is possible to study art under you, I would. ^__^

    • Jin says:

      Aww, hahah :) There are times I wonder how I’d do as a teacher. I used to get picked to be a student-teacher for my high school class and I rather enjoyed that week. I feel like I still have much to learn, though!

  2. xian says:

    *envies your super great talent* O__________O
    *agrees above* cool as always :))

    never tasted dango before. LOL! Where? XD

  3. Ame says:

    I really admire you! You are a great person and have so many skills!! =D

    I also take photos of my food, find it cute and want to pet it too. xD

    The dango looks so yummy! =9

    It’s a little sad ’cause now I like some dango, but here in Mexico there aren’t many places where you could find them. I’ve only taste them in the Akimasturi from 4 years ago. ^^

    • Jin says:

      Thanks so much!

      Glad I’m not the only one! This dango reminded me of Porings from Ragnarok Online. I’ve always wanted a real one as a pet, haha!

  4. Mikaaaa says:

    I absolutely LOVE your painting! I thought you had gotten some more pretty fabric xD

    • Jin says:

      Aww, thank you! Yeah, I have a habit of buying yukata fabric and just admiring them. I looked at them for inspiration for these. :)

  5. shotii says:

    I lubs your photography so much… TAT

    I lubs dango so much… TAT

  6. Sleepy says:

    Your art always looks so good Jin, I am trying to learn to draw faces and I wonder if you have any advice regarding faces?

    • Jin says:

      That’s a very broad topic, and one I am still working hard at, but I hope I can be helpful.

      I started by learning basics like the proportions of a head and face (see link). And from there I really just practiced. I had classes where we had to do draw a live model, and other times I’d just practice by myself by copying photos from magazines and stuff. Practice by drawing your friends, or celebrities you like so that you’re motivated. That’s what I’m doing now, hahah! Good luck!

  7. the kimono pattern is beyond beautiful, Jin! I cannot wait to see the finished piece, and the dango looks so pretty and yummy! I’ve never had one before but I’ve been meaning to since it reminds me of Itachi lol.

  8. Charm says:

    Um, if I may ask, where did you get the dango here in the Phils?? I ate these back in SG and been craving for this!! Please do tell! :<

  9. Janey McFly says:

    Egads! Whoever finds a box of dango lying around?! I want to be you even just for a day! LOL

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