Shirt Design: Forever and Always

A pair of ghostly hands I drew some time ago, for a creepy shirt design idea I had. I looked at x-rays as reference, and drew everything in Photoshop. I shared it on my dA page, and submitted it to a couple of shirt websites where people vote on designs to get them printed. So many people expressed their interest in owning the shirt, but it never quite made it through to printing.

However, one day I got an e-mail from saying they had seen my work, along with an invitation to be part of a project they’ve been working on. And I’m now one of the artists they selected for their Artist-Designed Collection for which they selected illustrators around the world to make shirts of our artworks. Very honored to be part of the roster!

While my previous attempts to get this design printed may not have been exactly successful, sharing it with people and getting it out there still led to to finding me. My arrangement with them is even better, because now I can design whatever I want and they can print it without me troubling people to vote for it first!

Let this an example of how things might not always work out quite the way you planned, but life may just surprise you with something better! Work hard and be kind. :)

See all my designs so far in this page!

Forever and Always is available in several color variations and on both men’s and women’s tees! (You may click on the pictures to be taken to the store, where you’ll also find a couple more of my designs)

I’ll be creating more designs over the next several months! If you like, comment to let me know what you’d like to see!

If you guys order any of my shirts, do send me pictures! It makes me happy seeing people wear my work!

Thank you for all your support and appreciation! This wouldn’t be possible without you guys!

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