The Boy Who Drank Stars

Hello, readers! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write here! I have been making new artwork since my last blog post, but some I can’t reveal yet, others I just have yet to write about, and others still I am not done with. It’s always busy nowadays; I’ve forgotten when I was last able to say, “I’m bored.” But that’s probably a good thing, yeah?

For my return to writing here, I’ll start with a piece I exhibited last weekend at the art gallery during Kawaii in Manila 2. The event title sounds cute, but there’s more to it than that. In their words: “The meaning of Kawaii has gone beyond its original sense. It is no longer just a word that means “cute,” “pretty” or “adorable” in Japanese. Kawaii is now considered a global phenomenon because of its great influence in art, fashion, beauty and even food. It is not just an appreciation for all things cute and fun but also a way of looking at the world in a happy and positive light. Kawaii is a culture enjoyed by many people from all over the world including the Philippines.”

I’m honoured to have been invited as one of the featured artists for such a visionary event! The participating artists were given a task to create an artwork based on the theme ”My interpretation of ‘kawaii’ and how it influenced my art

The Boy Who Drank Stars

My exposure to the kawaii aesthetic stemmed from growing up watching Japanese animation. When I was little, I just happy to be entertained by cute-looking characters, and enjoy the colorful visuals and upbeat music. As I grew up, my appreciation also deepened and I sought to learn more about their culture. This led to my penchant for Japanese folklore, and being enchanted by ukiyo-e (traditional Japanese woodblock prints).

I combined those thoughts and memories into this piece, The Boy Who Drank Stars. This refers to Howl, as he is depicted in the Studio Ghibli adaptation of the novel, Howl’s Moving Castle. Ukiyo-e and anime have greatly influenced my drawing style, as you might observe in this illustration. I designed this outfit for Howl, taking elements from traditional Japanese clothing and mixing it with the iconic coat he wears in the film. I also gave him a fox mask because there are parts of him that remind me of kitsune from folklore — mischievous shape-shifting tricksters with magical abilities, who can turn out to be wise and loyal guardians.

Me and my illustration at Kawaii in Manila 2

The event was held at Whitespace Manila last Saturday, September 6. Since my artwork is a mix of traditional and modern styles, I decided to go the same way with my outfit for the event. It was also a celebration of Japanese fashion and culture, after all. I really love the look of kimono and hakama. I wish I could dress like this all the time, heheh.

You may check the Kawaii in Manila Artist Directory to see more of the exhibited pieces and other featured artists! お疲れ様 !

I’ve been wanting a Howl’s Moving Castle case for my phone, so I thought to try modifying my drawing a bit to see how it would look if I had it printed by Society6 like I usually do for custom designs.

iPhone5/5s case sample

I actually really like it! I’ll be getting this for myself, and if you would like it as well, now’s a good time because Society6 gave me a Free Worldwide Shipping + $5 Off Phone Cases promo code for now until  September 14, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time! They’re available for a bunch of different iPhone models.

● Click on this link to activate the promo:

● Then you can use this link to go directly to the product page for this illustration: The Boy Who Drank Stars or just look around as you like. The illustration is available as prints and other wearable items. The promo code works for other illustrations in my page too!

I had some print requests for this piece from people at the exhibit, so I find a bit more free time, maybe I’ll prepare a print run where I produce the prints myself and sign them. My warmest gratitude to everyone who took the time to talk to me and express their appreciation at the exhibit! <3

My new Facebook page

My blogging had previously been mainly related to personal things and my hobbies, which I used my Jin (behindinfinity) page for. I figured perhaps it was about time I made a page for my artwork, so here we are:

My new Facebook page for art updates: Art of Jin Joson

Like/Share/comment if you wish! I love hearing from you!

Whenever I make new posts or have pictures to share, I’ll be posting there. :) I’m still working on additional coding for my blog in my free time, which includes adding ways to keep you guys updated. For now, here are a few other ways you can follow me:

If there are other methods you’d like to suggest, please feel free to leave me a comment!
Now I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of my incredibly talented friends. I feel very lucky to have these wonderful individuals to discuss and create art with.

Katrina Teh / Facebook page / WordPress blog

When I think of Katrina’s work, the word neoclassical comes to mind. Something about the way she renders forms makes me think of sculptures made by old masters, but she breathes a new sort of energy and life into her compositions that makes her style all her own.

Bianca Lesaca / Facebook page / blog

Bianca’s illustrations and paintings, very much like her, are whimsical and pensive. She makes worlds full of flowing shapes and colors, and curious characters and creatures.

Valerie Chua / Facebook page / website

Sandra Dansphoto blog / Facebook page

I don’t have enough words for how much I admire Sandra’s photography. She’s usually a wedding photographer, but I also particularly enjoy her travel photos. She’s got an incredible sense of composition, changed the way I look at negative space, and captures life in a way that makes you feel like you’re looking into her memories.

Hope you enjoy looking through our sites!

I’m working on several new artworks now. I also managed to squeeze in a bit of time to do some fan art for fun. I’ll be posting it along with the process soon so please watch out for it! :)

Hello, world!

Welcome to my new website!

I’ve been actively blogging for a while now, but I had been holding back on writing about my art. I guess I’ve been waiting for someplace that I can really consider my own.

It's a little scary having a .com attached to my name, hahah

Now I’ve got my little place on the web, for which I have to thank Karol See. I came up with the layout design, and she made it come to life! After she put down the foundations and programmed everything, I tweaked it a bit more to my liking, and here we are! Apart from having a gallery, I really wanted a clean and simple blog because it’s important for me to be able to write about my work. There is still some sprucing up I want to do, but I’m happy to be able to welcome you here now!

As you might discover should you decide to follow this visual diary, I dabble in a lot of mediums.

I invite you to read more about me and what I do on my profile.

I’ll be uploading more work and writing about them on this blog in the coming weeks. For now, I’ve got some work up at my external gallery that you could flick through. I also have some new pieces I’m currently working on that I might post progress of.

I shall excuse myself now, as there is a painting that requires my attention. :) Thank you for taking the time to have a look! I hope you’ll stay with me!